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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Newberg Girls Basketball


December 17-18, 2022


Court locations and directions

Newberg High School (NHS)  - street address 2400 Douglas Avenue, Newberg 97132

**Gym is on SOUTH side of campus - Closest gym parking is on Elliott St - Take Elliott St north from Hwy 99 straight into gym parking lot

 Light concessions and Mythical Mini Donuts food cart on site!

Court #1 (Main Gym)

Court #2 (Main Gym)

Court 32 (Auxillary Gym)

Moutainview Middle School (MVMS) - 2015 N. Emery Drive, Newberg 97132

Main Gym

Concessions - drinks, snacks

2021 Results

8th Grade Gold

1st West Salem (State Qualifier)

2nd OBC (State Qualifier)

3rd Oregon City

4th Sherwood

5th Newberg

6th Mountainside

8th Grade Silver

1st Regis (State Qualifier)

2nd Yamhill-Carlton (State Qualifier)

3rd Banks

4th Cleveland

5th Undrgrnd

6th Century

7th Newberg

8th Sherwood

7th Grade 

1st Sherwood 2027 A (State Qualifier - Gold division)

2nd Forest Grove (State Qualifier - Gold division)

3rd Undrgrnd

4th Tigard (State Qualifier - Silver division)

5th Perrydale (State Qualifier - Silver division)

6th Sherwood 2027 B

7th Southridge

8th OBC

6th Grade

1st Tigard (State Qualifier - Gold Division)

2nd Regis (State Qualifier - Silver Division)

3rd Banks (State Qualifier - Silver Division)

4th Tualatin

5th Southwest Christian School

5th Grade

1st OBC (State Qualifier - Gold Division)

2nd Undrgrnd (State Qualifier - Gold Division)

3rd Mountainside (State Qualifier - Silver Division)

4th Tualatin (State Qualifier - Silver Division)

5th Sherwood

6th Tigard

7th Newberg

8th Forest Grove 2030

2021 Tournament Rules

2021 Newberg Girls Basketball HOLIDAY HOOPLA Rules


All games will be governed using High School Federation Rules, with the following modifications and emphasis.



-A team representative should check in at the admission table (main gym lobby) before the team's first tournament game.  Packets will be available starting at 7:30 am Saturday 12/18/2021.

-Team playing the 8:00 am games will be allowed into the gyms starting at 7:30 am.

-Teams should arrive no less than ten (10) minutes before each scheduled game time.

-Teams arriving later than scheduled game start time will be issued a forfeit.

-Teams are responsible for providing their own first aid equipment.  Disposable ice packs are a good idea, in case actual ice is not available.


Official clock and score keepers:

-Each team will provide 1 adult volunteer per game to act as official clock or score keeper.  Teams will be given 2 bracelets for these volunteers to get free admission to the tournament.

-The official "book" for each game will be the game sheet provided by the tournament officials.

-Referees at the court will resolve any disputes regarding score, foul count, time on clock, etc.



• -Two 20 minute RUNNING halves.

-Stop clock during final 2 minutes of SECOND half only, if the point differential is less than 15.

-During that final two minutes,  the game can rotate in and out of stop clock time, based on the difference in the score.

• -Halftime for all games will be no more than 5 minutes.

• -Overtime: The first overtime period shall use a two-minute stopped clock. All subsequent overtime periods will use a one-minute stopped clock. Each over-time will begin with a jump ball.

• -Time-outs: Three (3) thirty second time outs per game. Time outs do not carry over into overtime. Each team will receive exactly one (1) thirty second time out per overtime.

-Clock STOPS on all time-outs.

• -Rules of full court press: No Full-Court Press when point differential is equal to or more than 20 points.  Referee's will issue a reminder/warning if needed.  Repeated violation will be punished by a team technical foul. Full-court press can be resumed if score differential is reduced to 19 or less.

• ** 5th grade SPECIFIC RULES

- NO ZONE (full or half court) NO EXCEPTIONS.  Players learning help side defense is not zone.  Judgement per referee at the court will determine if the NO ZONE rule is being broken.  Teams will be issued one reminder/warning as needed.  A second violation will be punished by a team technical foul.

-Man to man full court press is allowed unless the point differential is 20 points or more.  Press must be man-to-man with no double teaming/trapping.


Common Fouls

-Five personal fouls constitute a disqualification from the game in all divisions.

-Player technical fouls are added to the common foul count for an individual player.

Technical Fouls

• -Technical fouls will follow normal High School Federation Rules, and will result in two (2) free throws and possession of the ball.

• -Two technical fouls by a single player will result in that player being ejected from the game.

• -Ejected players must meet with the Tournament Director prior to being eligible to participate in additional games. It is the responsibility of the player to contact the Tournament Director to reestablish eligibility. If this step is skipped or omitted, the team of the player in question may have to forfeit all subsequent games in which that player participates.


Free Throws

• -Bonus – one and one will be attempted at seven team fouls per half.

• -Double Bonus - two shots will be attempted at ten team fouls per half.


Pool Play/Bracket TIE-BREAKER methods

-Head to head results

-Head to head point differential

-Points allowed

-Points scored

-Point differential

-Winning percentage


-Each team is responsible to clean up the bench (during and after the game) and any other area the team has occupied on the school grounds.



-Team must have a dark and light option for uniforms (either reversible or two sets).

-All players must have a unique number on their jersey (no double numbers).

-Team listed first on the schedule is the HOME team and should wear their lightest colored jersey.  Team listed second on the schedule is the AWAY team and should wear their darkest colored jersey.  It is the coaches responsibility (not the referee's) to make sure they team is wearing the appropriate colored jersey.


-HOME team will provide a game ball.  If HOME team does not have an acceptable game ball, it may be requested from the AWAY team.

-Referee at the court will determine which ball is to be used for each game.



NO PROTESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any and all questions concerning the enforcement of rules will be interpreted by the referees and Tournament Director, and their decisions will be FINAL. All participating coaches and teams agree to this as a prerequisite for participation in the event.



-Any equipment that may cause injury to a participant of the game is not permitted. Items such as rings, watches, earrings, and plaster casts are not allowed.  If referee's have to address this during a game, it may result in delay of game and/or team technical foul.  

-Coaches should remind players to remove all mentioned above items to keep everyone safe and keep things moving smoothly.



• -In the spirit of YOUTH BASKETBALL actions of game officials shall be accepted as unbiased and made to the best of their ability.

-Coaches and players will refrain from any overt actions of disapproval, whether by gesture or in voice.

• -Verbal abuse of officials by anyone in the gym will not be tolerated.  Our kids literally cannot play without referees to officiate these games.

-Officials may stop the game if they feel any ensuing situation warrants such action. The violating team will forfeit the game.

• -The use of abusive language and profanity by coaches, players and spectators is prohibited at all times. Belittling, shouting and trash talking at players in a hostile manner is also prohibited.

• -The Tournament seeks to provide a fun and exciting weekend for the players. Consequently, the Tournament reserves the right to warn and/or eject (for a single game or for the remainder of the Tournament) any player, coach or fan who, in the opinion of the referee(s) or Tournament Director, engages in unsportsmanlike conduct or improper behavior. No refunds will be given to such teams or individuals.



 State Tournament Qualification

-This tournament is a state qualifier to Oregon Middle School State Championships in Central Oregon March 4-6, 2022.

-Teams finishing first or second in their division will qualify for the state tournament in that division.  Actual admittance/entry and details related to registration in the Oregon Middle School State Championship tournament will be per the Oregon Middle School State Championship committee.

COVID/Masking Rules

-Guidelines related to masking,  set by the Oregon Health Authority (OSA) and Oregon State Athletic Association (OSAA) will be followed at this event.

-Masks are required at all times inside any building outside of the following 2 circumstances:
    1. Players in a jersey are warming up on the court before their next                       scheduled game or on the floor playing in a game.
    2. Referees on the floor are officiating a game.
    3. Individuals that are ACTIVELY engaged in eating or drinking.  

-Do not come to the event if you have had a recent COVID exposure, are having any concerning symptoms or if you are not willing/able to follow
current masking mandates as they pertain to indoor public places.

-Our volunteers do not have the capacity to review/exam/consider any kind of medical exemption related to the mask mandate.  If you are not willing/able to wear a mask indoors, do not attend the event.

-Following these guidelines is NECESSARY so that we can use school facilities and give OUR CHILDREN have the opportunity to play ball.  Please do not give our volunteers a hard time about masks as you enter the building. 

2019 Tournament Champions

4th Grade Champions


5th Grade Champions


6th Grade Champions


7th Grade Gold Champions


7th Grade Silver Champions

St. Paul

8th Grade Gold Champions


8th Grade Silver Champions